Rantatie 1, 54710 Lemi Finland
tel. +358 5 4146470



The delicacy shop is always open when the restaurant is open. The delicacy shop sells all the products that are available in our online store throughout the year.

No advance reservation is needed for individual portions of särä roast, potatoes, and broth.

Please order any large volumes and products that should be consumed on the day they are made (e.g. flatbread, cabbage and lamb soup, särä soup, pies, potato flatbread, and cakes) on the previous day.

The delicacy shop has a retail sales permit, i.e. the Lemin SÄRÄ HELLES beer and other alcoholic beverages (such as special beers and ciders) that contain no more than 5.5% alcohol by volume can be sold from the premises.

Orders and enquiries: info@sarapirtti.fi


The summer café will be open Thu–Sun 11:00–15:00
from 30 June to 14 August 2022.

A reservation is not required but in case of larger groups and orders, an advance reservation is recommended.

We welcome you to enjoy the tranquillity of the countryside, refreshments, and savoury and sweet delicacies!

The café is also licensed to sell alcohol and has a terrace.